USS GUAM (LPH-9)             pn-cmdse.gif (6099 bytes)COMMANDING OFFICERS Flaglin.gif (1102 bytes)

            CAPT Norman E. Thurman                                                                             16JAN65-09AUG66

            CAPT Stephen T. DeLaMater                                                                        09AUG66-11AUG67

            CAPT William C. Dixon                                                                                  11AUG67-09AUG68

            CAPT William G. Coulter                                                                                09AUG68-05DEC69

            CAPT Richard R. Renaldi                                                                               05DEC69-02APR71

            CAPT Kenneth B. Austin                                                                                02APR71-26JUL73

            CAPT Martin S. Holcomb                                                                               26JUL73-03MAY74

            CAPT Jesse E. McKnight                                                                               03MAY74-30DEC75

            CAPT Thomas A. Stanley                                                                               30DEC75-14JAN78

            CAPT Curtis W. Miller Jr.                                                                              14JAN78-07JUL79

            CAPT Henry B. Chase III                                                                               07JUL79-15SEP80

            CAPT Allen E. Weseleskey                                                                            15SEP80-26MAR82

            CAPT Ronald H. Jesberg2                                                                             6MAR82-01JUL83

            CAPT John M. Quarterman, Jr.                                                                    01JUL83-27APR85

            CAPT Robert L. Kiem                                                                                   27APR85-15DEC86

            CAPT Arthur K. Cebrowski                                                                          15DEC86-25JUL88

            CAPT Robert R. Hanke                                                                                 25JUL88-09FEB90

            CAPT Charles R. Saffell, Jr.                                                                          09FEB90-13JUN91

            CAPT Gary W. Stubbs                                                                                 13JUN91-24JAN93

            CAPT Thomas D. Barnes                                                                            24JAN93-19JUN94

            CAPT David Architzel                                                                                 19JUN94-29FEB96

            CAPT William D. Malloy, Jr.                                                                      29FEB96-30MAY97

            CAPT William J. Luti                                                                                  30MAY97-25AUG98

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In Memorium

thur1.jpg (7859 bytes)CAPT Norman E. Thurmon, graduated from Central Missouri State College in 1941, and was comissioned in the summer of 1942.  He served in WWII as a dive bomber pilot in Carrier Air Groups ELEVEN and NINETEEN. CAPT Thurman was also part of the atacking force that recaptured the Island of Guam.  He then served aboard the USS BATAAN during the Korean conflict, and in 1954 was Operations Officer of the USS HANCOCK (CVA-19). There he was promoted to the rank of Commander. In 1957 he was the commanding officer of Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron Eleven at Naval Air Station, Atsugi, Japan.  He was promoted to Captain in 1962 while in the Strategic Planning Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. He took his first Command in April of 1963 onboard the USS VALCOUR (AVP 55).  During his service he was awarded the Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, and two Air medals. CAPT Thurmon passed away on the 9th of June 1998.  


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